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Perle 3-bed apartment

from CHF 80.00 per unit/night

The mountain peaks surrounding the glacial world of Saas-Fee are without a doubt the highlights that invite you to share with us your most adventurous holiday dreams. Feel at home in our comfortable, rustical apartments and enjoy the magic of this fascinating mountain world.

2-room apartment (38 m2) ground floor, living/dining room with 1 bed, cooking alcove, 1 double bedroom, shower/WC, use of patio, radio, TV.

Additional Costs

Holiday taxes Summer (01.06. -31.10.): CHF 7.-/adults, CHF 3.50/children (age 6 - 15.99) per day. Holiday taxes Winter (01.11. -31.05.): CHF 4.50 for adults, CHF 2.25 for children (age 6 - 15.99) per day. The final cleaning is included in the location.

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11/01/2014 11:00:00 AM
Toll Saas Fee ist schön War jetzt zum vierten mal in Saas Fee und werde wider kommen Das Pesonal na den Leften muss netter werden Bitte die Gebühr für die Garage senken Mit freundlichen Grüßen Christoph Gawliczek
(Family small kids)
4.2 / 5