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Felsschlösschen (Saas Fee) Apartment, shower, toilet, balcony

from CHF 38.33 per person/night

The recently renovated apartment is located in the centre, however in a calm surrounding.

The apartment has 2 double bedrooms as well as a bedroom with two beds. Balcony to the south with a marvelous panoramic view. Comfortable TV- and living room and a dining room for 6-8 persons.

Additional Costs

Holiday taxes Summer (01.06. -31.10.): CHF 7.- for adults, CHF 3.50 for children (age 6 - 15.99) per day. Holiday taxes Winter (01.11. -31.05.): CHF 4.50 for adults, CHF 2.25 for children (age 6 - 15.99) per day. All other additional costs and bedlinen, towels and tea towels are included in the price.

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