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Everest (Saas-Fee) 6-Bettwohnung Nr. 6

from CHF 157.00 per unit/night

The apartment house is located in an ideal location for families, in quiet country "Grossus Moos". To the village center is an 8-minute walk and a grocery store and a bakery are very close. The parking facilities are located nearby, so you can easily arrive with your luggage.

3-room apartment.

Additional Costs

Holiday taxes Summer (01.06. -31.10.): CHF 7.- for adults, CHF 3.50 for children (age 6 - 15.99) per day. Holiday taxes Winter (01.11. -31.05.): CHF 4.50 for adults, CHF 2.25 for children (age 6 - 15.99) per day. Citizen pass included. Final cleaning, bedlinen, towels and kitchen cloths included.

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3.4 / 5
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Family Ski holidays
(Family small kids)
3.2 / 5
02/20/2016 12:51:00 PM
Nice appartment for 8 persons. Location is quite and nice, but 15min walking distance from center and another 5 to 10 min to the ski lifts. With kids on ski boots can be even longer. Ski bus service can be improved, as at peak times it is always full when it reaches the closest stop. Services included in the price are also something to be improved: no taxi service included, no citizen pass offered (which allows for significant discounts on ski passes and more and most of the appartments in Saas-Fee normally include).