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Dorfblick (Saas-Fee) Apartment Nr. 2 Täschhorn

from CHF 116.50 per unit/night

The house is in a quiet and sunny situation, close to the Alpin Express cable car.

2-room apartement for 2-3 persons. Sleeping room with a double and a single bed. Open kitchen with dish washer, oven, stove and fridge. Flatscreen-TV and free WiFi. Bathroom with bathtub, shower and toilet. Balcony to the south.

Additional Costs

Not included: - Cleaning fee CHF 160.00 for the apartment no. 1, CHF 90.- for the apartment no. 2 and CHF 55.- for the apartment no. 3 Included: - visitor's tax and experience tax per person/day - Bed-linen, towels and dish-towels are furnished.

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4.6 / 5