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Torch Light Tour
Torch Light Tour

Torch Light Tour

Experience a gorgeous individual torch light tour through the snow-covered landscape of the Saas Valley.

  • The torches are available in the tourist offices for CHF 5.- per piece
  • We will gladly deliver the torches to your group accommodation.


Instructions & Tips

Lighting the torch: Hold the torches vertically and light them in a windless place.
Paper plate: The paper plate serves as protection, as the torches can drip. Please place it underneath the torch.
Extinguish: If you get fear / respect from the fire or the flare has burnt down, put the torch in SOFT snow to extinguish them.
Clothes: Please do not wear your favourite clothes. The torches can drip and the wax is difficult to remove from the clothes. Make sure that you always hold the torch vertically.