As snowy as it comes

The Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee presents itself covered in a deep layer of snow. The result of heavy snowfall that lasted for days is impressive. There are meters and meters of the valuable asset. This is more snow than the Saas valley has seen in some 20 years. The roofs of the authentic barns look straight out of a fairy tale. Massive walls of snow make the alleys of the historic village centres reminiscent of a time long thought forgotten. On the graveyard, you can barely see the tips of the wooden crosses. Meadows and mountains seem almost surreal under their blanket of snow that is meters deep. Mountains that are jagged in reality now seem smooth. Everything is quiet. On the human mind, deep snow has the same effect as water. It calms you down. Even acoustically, the snow makes a difference. The air between the snowflakes has a sound-absorbing quality. Winter quiet is hence to be taken it the literal sense.

And then, there are all these incredible options of snow sports under these brilliant conditions. Winter hiking in this quiet. Snowshoe walking through this snowy fairy tale world. And then these perfect slopes for skiers and snowboarders amidst those snowy four-thousand-metre mountains. A true delight!

By the way: There are some five meters of snow on Mittelallalin. This is madness!  This is something you must have seen and experienced!

Enjoy the snow. The quiet. The beautiful landscape. Build a snowman with your kids or with your friends. Get to experience the various sounds when you walk or glide through the snow on your skis, snowboard, your snowshoes, on your sledge or on foot. It is fascinating. A holiday in such amazing snow conditions is definitely something you won’t forget. It’s good, healthy, calming and renewing.

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Oh, and by the way: In the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee, there are also snow rabbits, snow chicks, snow bars, and snow drinks…

Christoph Gysel