The icing on the cake. Easter in the Saas Valley

Massive Easter Egg Hunt across the whole Saas Valley on 16th April. After the bunnies, get set, go!

The sun is shining, the pistes are still in top condition and the hiking trails are himmering in the most beautiful spring colours. The temperatures in the Saas Valley are absolutely ideal for Easter as well. No matter what. Everything’s going on! Young and old alike can now experience the Saas Valley winter from its most exciting side: springtime. What more do you need for a great Easter? Easter Eggs! And best of all, a whole load of them. And really well hidden across the whole Saas Valley.

The Easter bunnies have already been busy for several days and they’ve been all over the Saas Valley They’re looking out for creative hiding places, which will give everyone a fun and lovely Easter challenge in the most beautiful of mountain landscapes. And last of all, it’s not „just” about the Easter eggs, but also the great Easter prizes that go with them. And every single egg is a winner!

A total of 25 Easter eggs are to be searched for and found across the whole Saas Valley. So it’s well worthwhile taking a closer look for potential Easter hiding places in Saas-Balen, Saas-Grund, Saas-Almagell and, of course, in Saas-Fee as well. But don’t worry, from Saturday to Saturday, 15th April, we will; be posting little hints and tips about where the Saas Valley Easter Bunnies might have hidden the eggs … we’re really looking forward to meeting all the little detectives and we’re really excited about finding out how long it will take until the last egg is found.

In addition to the Easter Egg prizes, which can be picked up from the tourist offices in Saas-Fee and Saas-Grund, we’re giving away something quite literally magical to all the finders and facebook contest participants:

A festival pass for the whole family for the “Klapperlapapp” fairy tale and the story festival, worth  CHF 172.00.

A truly magical summer adventure for families from 25th – 26th July 2017

Our facebook competition starts on 11th April. So all those people who aren’t able to join the search, can just do some clicking – and with a bit of abracadabra (or something) – get themselves a festival pass!

So here’s a quick glance at all the important stuff again:

  • The Great Easter Egg Hunt will take place on 16th April, Easter Sunday, across the whole Saas Valley. From the morning until the 25th Easter egg.
  • On the 15th, we’ll be posting hints on facebook for you.
  • Our Easter competition starts on xxth April on facebook.

So all you sun worshippers, ski fans, hikers AND Easter egg hunters, let’s get going!

 After the bunnies, get set, go!