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Have you booked your 20% off accommodation for the Allalin Downhill?

The 33rd edition of the famous Allalin Downhill Race is getting nearer and Saas Fee are offering accommodation at a fraction of the usual price! With 20% off all spring holidays this is a great opportunity to witness ski racing up close or even to get involved yourself…

The race will take place in Saas Fee on the 10th and 11th of April, racers must manage to maintain a steady nerve and constant focus whilst plummeting down steep slopes at tremendous speeds. The race will begin at the top of resort at 3,600m and descend 1,800 vertical metres to the finish line at the foot of the pistes. The race attracts novice and professional ski racers alike and is a demanding test of nerve and skill, making for some exciting viewing too.  There are four different competitions, one for singles (male and female), couples (“his and hers”) and teams, and there’s even a “just for fun” team race. The fastest athletes will expect to complete the race in less than five minutes, but for the rest of us a coffee pit stop half way down is entirely acceptable, and fancy dress is actively encouraged.

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