Saas-Almagell Adventure Trail

The starting point for the Erlebnisweg is the base of the chairlift in Saas-Almagell. From here, it is just a few minutes on the lift to the top station in the hamlet of Furggstalden. The hike takes you north, through the forest and around the Almagellerhorn, crossing some secure cliff paths and two suspension bridges on the way. It is these bridges for which the adventure trail is best-known. Each is around 50 metres long and offers numerous opportunities for the perfect photo. For this hike, you will not only need to be in good physical shape, but also be sure-footed on rough terrain, and have a good head for heights.

Hikers are rewarded with impressive panoramas of the Saas mountains. You get a unique view of the mighty four-thousanders that comprise the Mischabel range, including the Dom, the highest peak lying entirely on Swiss soil. After approximately an hour and a half, having passed through the hamlets of Hohlerch and Mitti Flüe, you reach Almagelleralp and its eponymous hotel. Here, pristine nature and tranquillity await. The mountain hotel, surrounded by alpine wildflowers, is an ideal spot for a short break, or perhaps even a longer stay. It may lie at almost 2,200 m but it’s a treat for gastronomes nonetheless, with delicious Valais specialities among the varied offerings. And there is always the option to just stay one night in this mountain hotel. Waking up to the refreshing air of an alpine morning is not to be missed!

Difficulty: 3/5
Fitness level: 4/5
Distance: 2.8 km
Time required: 1.5 hours (not including descent to Saas-Almagell)
Ascent: 386 m
Highest point: 2,194 m
Start: Furggstalden