Mattmark circular bike trail

The Mattmark Bike-Rundweg is a popular route with plenty of alpine charm and there are several ways to get there. If you’re up for a challenge, you can ride up from the valley following the road that climbs the dam wall. You can also reach the valley road from Saas-Fee, you can ride down the forest road to Saas-Almagell and then on towards lake Mattmark, cycling the entire way. Alternatively, there‘s always the bus, which takes you to the top of the dam. If you do choose to travel by bus, you will need to pay an additional half-fare to transport your bike.

When you get off the bus at the lake Mattmark stop, you will see the restaurant right in front of you at the head of the dam, where the trail begins. First, it leads through a pedestrian tunnel on the right side of the lake, then it follows a wide path alongside the lake. At the opposite end of the reservoir lies Distelalp, from where the Monte Rosa trail continues over the Monte Moro Pass in the direction of Macugnaga (I). After Distelalp, the round trip leads along a narrower path on the opposite side of the lake back to the dam, and back to where you started.

Difficulty: 1/6
Condition: 2/6
Distance: 8 km
Time required: 1 hrs
Ascent: 54 m
Descend: 54 m
Highest point: 2248 MASL
Start: Mattmark, restaurant