Weg der Stille

The Weg der Stille above Saas-Grund, is a place of harmony with nature, designed to help you rest and recharge. 18 meditativ stations along the gentle, themed trail invite you to stop and leave the stress of everyday life behind, at least for a while. Decorated plaques along the way offer up worldly insights and sayings designed to inspire peace and reflection.

The trail starts next to the Hohsaas gondola valley station and leads past the playground at Triftbach, above the Unnerum Bärg area of Saas-Grund. As you pass above the end of the village on the wide forest path, a smaller path splits off to the left. Follow this and continue on to St. Anthony‘s chapel. Just the other side of the river from St Anthony‘s chapel is Lourdes chapel, the oldest preserved prayer house in the Saas valley, built in 1619. The whole Bidermattu hamlet itself is, in fact, nationally-protected as part of the ISOS Federal Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites.

From the road below the chapel, you can take the Postbus from the Bidermatten bus stop in all directions.

Difficulty: 1/5
Condition: 2/5
Distance: 1.9 km
Time required: 1 hrs
Ascent: 50 m
Highest point: 1606 MASL
Start: Saas-Grund, valley station