Saas Valley route

With this ride you get to experience the whole of the lower Saas Valley, from Saas-Balen up to the Mattmark dam. It offers a range of difficulty levels and a variety of riding terrain.

The route starts at the round church in Saas-Balen and leads up the valley along the right bank of the Saaser Vispa. Past the bridge, the path branches off to the right, following a beautiful meadow path to Bidermattu. Once you pass the hamlet you return to the riverside path. The route then continues past Saas-Grund on the right-hand side of the river, then past Zer Briggu and Unner de Bodme. After passing through the two hamlets, the path branches off to the right again, at the start of an optional short mountain climb towards Biele.

From there, an enjoyable descent follows, to the weaver’s shop in Saas-Almagell. You can also skip the climb by continuing along the riverbank until you arrive at the shop. From there, continue on to Zer Meiggeru, where you join the paved road to Eiju Sand. Just before the road turns to the right, crossing a bridge, there’s a option to join a path straight ahead. Cross the road and follow the path to enjoy some switchbacks which lead up to the dam. For an easier alternative route, follow the road to the dam instead.

If you still have energy – maybe after a short break in Mattmark restaurant – you can continue your ride around the lake.

Difficulty: 3/6
Condition: 3/6
Distance: 14.6 km
Time required: 2 hrs
Ascent: 719 m
Descend: 0 m
Highest point: 2205 MASL
Start: Saas-Balen, Dorfplatz
Restaurants: Mattmark restaurant