Grüebusee E-Bike Trail

This trail offers spectacular highlights in the form of the three beautiful, turquoise-blue glacier lakes en-route. It climbs from the valley floor at 1,486 metres above sea level, through rich larch forests, to the Grüebu Glacier at 2,862 metres. The route could not be more diverse and it offers countless unique views.

The tour starts in Saas-Balen’s Dorfplatz and follows the Alpstrasse through verdant forests, passing the alpine hamlets of Grundbiele, Ze Flie, Matt, and Hoferälpji on its way to the bridge at Grüebe-Alp. Before Hoferälpji, you leave the forest and ride through a landscape best described as high-alpine steppe, which exudes its own unique, rocky charm.

From Grüebe-Alp the trail curves gently to the left and past a barrier. From there, there is a more strenuous climb comprising zigzagging switchback bends, but the effort is rewarded in the end. Along the trail, you pass three beautiful glacier lakes. The first of which, Fellsee, stands at 2,768 metres above sea level. The last, Grüebusee, borders the tongue of the Grüebu glacier in a stunning visual contrast. From there, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the flank of the Jegihorn.

Please note that the estimated route time provided is for e-bikes. Mountain bikers should expect the route to take a least 1.5 hours longer.

Difficulty: 5/6
Condition: 6/6
Distance: 14.3 km
Time required: 3 hrs 30 min
Ascent: 1375 m
Descend: 8 m
Highest point: 2862 MASL
Start: Saas-Balen, Dorfplatz

This bike trial offers incomparable views. In the picture above, you can see the glacier lake Grüebusee with the Mischabel Chain in the backgrond.