A regular around town: Ramon Zenhäusern

The Olympic champion is a true local of the Upper Valais. He has trained in Saas-Fee since childhood, and last year he was made our official summer ski ambassador.

Each summer, what he looks forward to the most are the sunrises. When the first rays of sunshine bathe the summits of the Mischabel Chain in orange, and light slowly spills down the steep mountain faces, he stands at Mittelallin, breathing in the morning air and enjoying this natural wonder.

“I want to make the Saas-Fee summer ski area better recognised, both nationally and internationally, so that more people can experience the stunning mountain scenery and fantastic slopes.”

Ramon Zenhäusern is the new Swiss star of men’s skiing: Olympic champion and slalom world cup star, he’s a favourite with the crowds, and he’s now the official summer ski ambassador for Saas- Fee. For years, since way before his victories, before coining his famous catchphrase “Bireweich”, Ramon has spent the summer and autumn training on his home glacier, the Fee glacier. Each year he prepares for the season ahead on what he describes as our “perfect corduroy” pistes at the foot of the Allalin. His relationship with the glacier village goes all the way back to his childhood. From a young age, he enjoyed training on the glacier each morning and relaxing in the swimming pool down in Visp come afternoon.

Ramon Zenhäusern at the press conference for his new ambassadorship in summer 2018.

Saas-Fee has played an integral part in his path to the top and will continue to be a part of his journey. Even now, the professional skier is drawn to the glacier village. Last year, he skipped out on overseas training to stay here, where he feels at home. In October, he was here practically every day. The steeper pistes accessed from the two highest lifts in the summer ski area are perfect for his training. But for Ramon, it is not only about fine-tuning his technique–the village is also a great place to relax and reset. After a boisterous reception on his return to Visp from Pyeongchang, the Olympic champion spent the evening in Saas-Fee where he found some much sought-after peace and quiet in the Jägerhof Hotel.

“I’m regularly in Saas-Fee in the summer.”