Saas-Fee circular hike

The well-known Dorfrundgang village walk in Saas-Fee is a leisurely walk around the glacier village. The hike described here, on the other hand, the Saas-Fee Circular Hike is a different route altogether. Both routes start in the Wildi, the northernmost part of the village. In the surrounding forest, you have a great chance of spotting native wildlife such as chamois, rabbits, roe deer and squirrels. They tend to come out in the evenings and hikers who keep a low profile have a good chance of an encounter. From the Wildi, the regular village circuit leads towards Honegga. For the variant proposed here, however, keep right and follow the lowest road towards Hotel Fletschhorn. Behind the hotel, take the lower path towards Sengg. The loop from the Fletschhorn to Sengg and back to Bärenfallu is a beautiful little path, highly recommended, especially in autumn. In one section, the path leads through an open, rocky landscape, but the rest is via an idyllic forest path.

When you arrive at the picturesque hamlet of Sengg, follow the path to the left towards Bideralp. It leads through an open meadow, from which you have a wonderful view of Saas-Grund and Hohsaas above. At the end of the meadow, the path divides again, take the left and follow the signposts towards Unner Senggbodu and then Bärenfallu. From Bärenfallu, turn right and walk up towards Café Alpenblick, which makes an ideal spot for a break. Newly renovated and with an enlarged terrace, the Alpenblick is more than inviting. And the view is spectacular.

After leaving the café, continue along the narrow path through the forest. At the first intersection take the right fork towards Hannig and follow the path upwards, climbing ever so slightly. You soon come to the edge of the forest above Stafelwald and follow the path down towards Saas-Fee. Once you reach Feldstrasse, take a right and follow the Dorfrundweg-sign through the grove over the hill until you reach the bridge. Immediately after the bridge, turn right across the fields. This path takes you to the Gletschersee and over an area of moraine to the Gletschergrotte restaurant. Autumn is a great time to enjoy this varied trail, which boasts wonderful flora and views of Saas-Fee

On the terrace of the Gletschergrotte, which is open until mid-October, you can enjoy the autumn sun, as well as their wonderful food. When you eventually tear yourself away, follow the path back down towards the Felskinn cable car base station. From there, turn right, re-entering the forest and eventually meeting the Suonenweg, rejoining the village by the Panorama Bridge in Saas-Fee.