The ultimate adrenaline kick

An adrenaline kick is an essential part of a proper holiday. That’s what many holidaymakers believe. So obviously, the Free Holiday Republic of Saas-Fee has a lot to offer. Not just unspoilt nature. 18 four-thousand-metre peaks. An amazing landscape of mountains and glaciers. Fantastic ski slopes. Endless opportunities for winter sports. Tranquillity. Relaxation. Wellness. Gourmet delights. No, as well as all this, anyone looking for an adrenaline kick will strike lucky here. What exactly does that mean? According to the dictionary, it’s „a short-lasting, extreme burst of nervous excitement and its intense release.“ A mad dash down a glacier. Making your way with ropes through the „Alpine Gorge„. Perhaps even a spooky storytelling evening.

Soon, the Glacier Bike Downhill race will be taking place again in the Free Holiday Republic of Saas-Fee, a crazy race down the ski slopes by bike. And the Allalin Races, a brutal descent on skis from 3600 m right down to the village. At both events, by the way, I get my adrenaline kick just from watching. Perhaps that would be a good idea for you, too, because, after all, you don’t have to indulge in all these crazy things yourself.

In the Saastal, visitors in search of an adrenaline rush will find all kinds of exciting ways of getting it. Truly fascinating experiences. And ones that are just right for us here in Saas. If you google online to find „adrenaline kick„, you’ll find all kinds of dubious offers like: „Wreck a car“ or „Trash a room“.

But I recommend a more civilized way of dealing with our emotions.  In the Free Holiday Republic of Saas-Fee, that’s easy.

Christoph Gysel