It’s so lovely that you’re there ♥

“All my love for Valentine’s Day, my darling. I love you.“ Many people like to complain that you could really say and show this at any time of the year. You just don’t need a special day with special gifts. But why not?

How often do people let each other know how nice it is to have each other? And maybe give them some nice little thing? And when do people actually take the time to celebrate their love for a whole day? Too rarely? So isn’t it wonderful to have Valentine’s Day. Commercially or otherwise. Behind all the roses, teddy bears and kitsch, there is also a great message: Nothing is greater than love!

So why not be especially romantic and lovingly to each other on Valentine’s Day? Treat yourself to an extra portion of love? Hugs are also very healthy. Feelings of self-esteem increase, happiness hormones are produced, and you just feel better. So anyone who missed out on „World Hugging Day“ on 21st January (yes, there really is such a thing!), can unfold their embracing potential on 14th February!

Give the skies.

Those not able to do too much with Rosen and Co. should give the most valuable thing they have: Time!
Best of all, a whole day. Precious time for walks in the wild and romantic outdoors. Time for a cosy candlelit dinner. Time for holding hands and taking in the skies together in amazement.

In Saas-Fee, you can’t just see the sky especially well. You can feel it! Mother Nature was especially creative in our part of the world. Or was she in love with it? In any case, she created many beautiful places in Saas-Fee, places that seem made for the day of love. No matter which summit you climb together with us, it will touch your hearts. No matter which path you walk along, you will never forget it. And apart from all that, Christmas is long gone, the spring is still in its winter slumber and happy Easter won’t be here until April … so isn’t it just right to have a love heart pink Valentine’s Day right in the middle of a snow-white February.

In Finland, 14th February is also the day of friendship. Friends, colleagues and neighbours can also look forward to a small „declaration of love“. So even if you’re not in love, engaged or married, just spend a beautiful day with someone to whom you so rarely say: It’s so lovely that you’re there!

In other words…. Turn Valentine’s Day into your day. In your own way.

Here’s to love!

Yours, Yasemine Knocke