My name is Vernon Deck, I’m a commercial photographer

My name is Vernon Deck, I’m a commercial photographer. I have been conducting photo-shoots in Saas Fee for nearly 15 years now and have just wrapped up the 2016 edition.

We had a great 10 days in Saas Fee, we had mostly amazing weather and overall it was again a pleasure.

Over the years we have had the pleasure of staying at many great hotels in the town.

Most of the images I needed to capture were to be found up on the glacier. I had just returned from an extended period of living at sea-level so it was quite an effort to work up above 3000m again. The views up there more than made up for it though, even after all these years I am still fascinated by the landscapes. We took an early gondola one day to allow us to shoot the sunrise and that was a special time for sure! There is a special kind of silence up there at this time of the day and the colors as the suns rays spread slowly across the peaks are epic!

Over a 2 day period it snowed over 40cm so the next time we went up the first couple of hours were just spent having fun and getting powder turns, my first since March! So awsome.

After 4 days of snow shooting we spent a day in the forest shooting lifestyle stuff. The trees were just starting to turn yellow and there was frost on the ground. Times like this I really appreciate what it is I do for a living and the places I get to see.

Thanks again Saas Fee for another memorable visit and I cant wait till next year.

Here is a short video I made with lots of Saas Fee footage: