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How can we help you?
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WIFI in the Saas valley

With the start of the season 2014 / 2015, the cableways in Saas-Fee have introduced WIFI at several stations. It's very easy to use: you only have to select the corresponding WIFI network on you mobile device and follow the instructions.

Have fun!

WIFI in the Saas valley You can also surf in the Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee.

In our ski resorts you can surf the web completely free of charge. With high speeds and no costly roaming fees, you can share your holiday snaps directly from the slopes and stay connected with all your favourite apps.

Saas-Fee ski resort:

More than 40 hotspots in valley stations, mountain stations and mountain restaurants provide great network coverage.

Kreuzboden-Hohsaas, Saas-Grund ski resort:

Log in to the free wifi network in the picnic area at the Kreuzboden.

Furggstalden, Saas-Almagell ski resort:
The free wifi network is open for you in the Furggstalden mountain station, as well as in the Heidbodme restaurant.

You can even surf in your holiday apartment Unbegrenz surfen auch im Urlaub

As a guest of the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee, you have the possibility to rent a WIFI device which can connect up to 10 smartphones and tablets. These devices are available in the tourist offices in Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund and Saas-Almagell. The cost is CHF 69.- for one week, CHF 119.- for two weeks, CHF 158.- for three weeks. A deposit of CHF 150.- is requested. The devices cannot be rent for single days.