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Training opportunities for teams

Top training conditions on the Saas-Fee glacier 

The natural characteristics of the Saas-Fee glacier, such as its height and the slope render it perfect for the training of teams in the summer. Saas-Fee is able to offer a full package and outstanding training conditions for alpine, freestyle and cross-country skiers.

 The summer ski area is very well suited to professional winter athletes. Numerous national teams and junior squads from the areas of alpine, freestyle and cross-country skiing undertake their summer training in Saas-Fee.


We have the following training pistes on the Saas-Fee glacier at 3,500 metres above sea level.

Ski- & Snowboard Cross

From the end of August (depending on conditions), this summer, a ski and boarder-cross piste, prepared to top standards, will again be available for training.

Piste reservations are possible from 1st April 2018.

Operating times summer 2017

 30.7.-16.9.   17.9.-30.9.
Ski area7.00 - 12.007.00 - 12.007.30 - 13.00Mo-Fr 8.00 - 14.00
Sa-Su 8.00 - 15.00
Spielboden 1. Section  from 6.001        x         x         x
Felskinn  from 6.15*        x         x         x
Alpin Express         x6.15 - 16.002  from 6.453   from 7.154
Metro Alpin  from 6.30  from 6.45  from 7.15   from 7.45

* Please note that the entrance directly at Felskinn is not possible respectively closed.

1 Coaches from 6.05 a.m., mountaineers from 6.10 a.m., athletes from 6.20 a.m.
2 Coaches from 6.15 a.m., mountaineers from 6.20 a.m., athletes from 6.30 a.m.
3 Coaches from 6.45 a.m., mountaineers from 6.50 a.m., athletes from 7.00 a.m.
Coaches from 7.15 a.m., mountaineers from 7.20 a.m., athletes from 7.30 a.m.

Two trainers per piste, with appropriate identification, may ascend 10 minutes prior to operation. These trainers are transported before all teams and may go onto the pistes before the teams.

Shortened training sessions on the weekends in the autumn
 A great deal of ski-tests take place in the autumn. For this reason, the training times at the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) are limited. From 21st October to 2th October, training may only take place until 10.00h and from 4th November to 26th November until 10.30h. 

Ski pass prices for teams

This summer, we are again offering all teams an early bird discount of 20% on the normal rate for bookings with deposit before 12th May 2017.

Normal rateEarly bird discounttill 12th May 2017
Days Adult
(from 16 years)
(6 - 15 years)
(from 16 years)
(6 - 15 years)
   1        72.-       46.-        58.-      37.-
   2      144.-       94.-      115.-      75.-
   3      194.-     123.-      155.-       98.-
   4      254.-     161.-      203.-     129.-
   5      309.-     194.-      247.-     155.-
   6      359.-     227.-      287.-     182.-
   7      410.-     259.-      328.-     207.-
   8      453.-     288.-      362.-     230.-
   9      492.-     314.-      394.-     251.-
  10      533.-     339.-      426.-     271.-
  11      562.-     360.-      450.-     288.-
  12      592.-     387.-      474.-     310.-
  13      623.-     406.-      498.-     325.-
  14      644.-     441.-      515.-     353.-
Season   1'100.-     810.-         -        -

Ski passes can only be purchased at the Alpin Express counter and must be paid for directly at the counter upon purchase. Please note the following opening hours of the Alpin Express counter.

- 2 early access tickets for trainers will be issued per piste. In the event of misuse or non-return of the trainers’ tickets, the piste reservation will be cancelled.

- ISIA marks/ski instructor cards are not valid.

- "Leading Mountain Resorts of the World" is not valid for training teams. 


Opening Times of the Alpin Express Counter
Teams can collect their tickets from the Alpin Express counter as follows. Note that the tickets for teams are only available at the Alpin Express counter.

15.07. - 29.07.20175.45a.m. - 9.00a.m. / 12.00p.m. - 4.30p.m.
30.07. - 16.09.2017

6.00a.m. - 4.00p.m.

17.09. - 30.09.20176.30a.m. - 4.00p.m.
from 1st October 20177.00a.m. - 4.00p.m.


Operational cancellations / Refunds
If the cable car facilities necessary training are not open in the morning or have to be closed before 9am, a credit note for the unused day may be picked up at the closure. This only applies for the closure of the operation but not for early departure or other reasons. Season tickets are excluded from this.

Instructions for trainers and those responsible for training groups

- Every training group must adhere strictly to the instructions of the piste service. In the case of any violation, the piste service will remove slalom poles.

-The participants in the groups may ski onto all pistes, but must take the other skiers and guests into account. Cases of overly dangerous or uncontrolled skiing on the piste may well lead to the withdrawal of the reservation.

- Defective slalom poles, torn wooden or plastic flags and picnic waste must be collected up by the group after training and brought to the Mittelallalin mountain station. The trainers and those responsible for the training groups are responsible for the cleanliness of the training course.

- Skiing and placing obstacles outside of the defined pistes is strictly prohibited.

  • Protection and barrier markings/ropes must not be removed.
  • Bars may not be affixed to the piste markings.
  • There are no priorities on the ski-lifts, i.e. it is prohibited for both racers and participants in the training groups to instal themselves at the ski-lift embarkation point by the barrier or to walk in front of waiting guests.
  • Jumping off on the ski-lift route is forbidden.

Disregarding the points above may result in our staff withdrawing the reservation and in reserved pistes no longer being made available.

- Every trainer is personally responsible for his/her group. The meeting is mandatory!

- In the case of individual race training on slopes that have not been enclosed, racers must observe the FIS rules like any other user of the piste. If the race training is carried out in groups, the training leader bears the same responsibilities as the organiser. As soon as the general travel direction of the pistes is departed from, warning posts are to be set up. Where necessary, the companies must notify the organisers of this.

- Skiing will be cancelled in the case of storms and the pistes will be cleared. Please leave the ski area immediately. 

Piste preparation/Transport
The mechanical standard preparation of the pistes and the transportation of material by the cable cars is included in the price of the ski pass. Additional requirements such as jumps, starting ramps, special transport of heavy objects, etc. must be reported in advance and will be charged for. Piste vehicles with chauffeur cost CHF 340.00 per hour.

Cabinet rental
On the Mittelallalin, it is possible to rent a cabinet for the poles.

Citizens’ pass
In summer 2017, the Citizens’ pass will afford ski teams the following additional benefits.

  • A one-off 50% discount on entrance to the "Adventure Forest” rope park
  • 50% discount on rental of the gym in the event of bad weather in the 3 municipalities of Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund and Saas-Balen (full-price for 2 hours is CHF 100.00, with residents’ pass, CHF 50.00)
  • 5% discount on the normal rates for summer skiing teams (1 - 14 days), may not be combined with other discounts (early bird discount, special tariffs…), not valid on season tickets.
  • 5% discount on the usage fee for the indoor ski facility in the Hotel Metropol with bookings and deposit by 31st May 2017. Reservations and information at +41 27 958 58 58 or by e-mail:

In order to benefit from the discounts, all the athletes listed on the piste reservation must present the citizens’ pass at the respective counter / office.

Lunch in the mountain restaurants
This summer, we again look forward to your visit for lunch in our mountain restaurants. We ask you to contact the restaurants directly to make a reservation.

Revolving Restaurant AllalinKurt Walser+41 79 206 96
Mountain Restaurant FelskinnSandra Kempf+41 79 510 79

"Mittschdri” Snowpoint Saas-Fee - indoor ski facility
Have you already done some training on the ski mats in Interlaken? No?  Then this summer is the chance for you and your entire team. Another great opportunity at the resort of Saas-Fee to put together your summer training and preparation for the upcoming winter even more efficiently - after the winter, is before the winter. In this sense, the indoor ski facility offers an excellent training opportunity right in the middle of the village. Further information:

Gym reservation
From this summer onwards, in the event of bad weather or if the ski area is closed, teams will be able to rent out the gyms in the municipalities of Saas-Fee, Saas-Almagell, Saas-Balen.

Cost: CHF 50.00 with Citizens’ Pass instead of CHF 100.00
Duration: 2 hours
Key: The key is available in the respective tourist office.

Telephone reservations are accepted by Saastal Bergbahnen on +41 27 958 11 00 from 6.30 a.m. in the morning.

Caution: This offer is only to be used if the ski area is closed.

Contact piste reservation

Saastal Bergbahnen AG
Panoramastrasse 5
3906 Saas-Fee


Myriam Imseng
Phone +41 27 958 11 00
Fax +41 27 958 11 01


Short-term changes
Phone +41 79 962 66 93


Trainer Meeting
A daily meeting will be held on the Mittelallalin for the piste division of the following day with the piste ocoordinator and the trainers.


Piste Rescue team
Phone +41 27 958 11 11