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Alpine farmers festivals, cow fights & alpine processions, June - September 2015

Holy cow! One of the Saas Valley's most beloved spectacles.

Saas-Fee Mountain Cleaning Day, Juni 2015

With VIP's on the summer!

Corpus Christi processions 4. June 2015

An age-old tradition and some of the most beautiful processions in the Valais

Gourmet Trail in Saas-Fee, 21. June 2015

A must for anyone who enjoys both eating and hiking

Suckling pig festival: July 2015

Die Alte Dorfmusik veranstaltet ein Spanferkelfest bei der Kapelle Zermeiggern für jedermann.

Yodelling mass, July 2015

a breathtaking scenery and beautiful sounds.

28. West-Swiss Yodel Festival, 03. - 05.07.2015

"Jützu dum Gletscher naa", is the motto for the 28th West Swiss Yodel Festival from 03 to 05 July 2015 in Saas-Fee.

Talis Festival & Academy, 19. - 26. July 2015

A new chamber music experience.

Saas Village Festival, 31. July - 2. August

Village festival in Saas-Grund.

Swiss National Day, 31. Juli & 01. August 2015

There'll be plenty of celebrating on Swiss National Day!


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Free republic of holidays Saas-Fee

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