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The Almagellerhorn adventure trail

Take the chairlift from Saas-Almagell up to the hamlet of Furggstalden.

Then follow the adventure trail from Furggstalden around the Almagellerhorn to Almagelleralp by continuing along the lane from the mountain lift station and turning off at the first right to climb to Hohlerch wood.

The route then continues along suspension bridges, over well-secured rock paths and along easy hiking trails.

The absolute highlight of the adventure trail is a 60-m-long suspension bridge. There are also various well-secured passages over the rocks and - last but not least - a fantastic view!

Requirements and useful information

- Difficulty level: two (on a scale of one to four)
- Walkers should be sure-footed and not suffer from vertigo.
- Good hiking shoes and outdoor clothing are recommended.
- Duration: approx. one hour, plus descent back down to Saas-Almagell or add-on routes
- The walk can be extended along the Alpine Flower Trail, which leads to the Kreuzboden.

This is an ideal hike for adventurous families, young people and the young at heart.

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