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Expo-Milano Package

Expo-Milano package deals

Milan and marmots - Package deals

Experience Expo Milano and our marmot charmers with our Expo Milano package deal.

  • Unlimited travel on the world’s highest underground train with a Metro Plus ticket (access to the “Glacier Fun” adventure land)
  • Admission to the world’s largest ice grotto
  • Seven nights in a holiday apartment
  • Four or seven nights in a hotel including breakfast
  • Transfers and admission to Expo Milano 2015 on Fridays
  • A Citizens’ Pass with lots of perks
  • Free travel on PostAuto buses in the Saas Valley
  • Free cableway travel


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The ultimate city life and nature adventure

Marmots actually spend most of the year sleeping – they can hibernate for up to nine months. But when they’re awake, they capture the hearts of visitors big and small.

The Saas Valley is home to many marmots. Although they live hidden away in spacious underground burrows, they can be spotted in many parts of Saas-Fee and are relatively tame. They’re canny little creatures, and they know their visitors well. They can guess, for example, that they have healthy and delicious snacks in their bags, such as carrots, peanuts or lettuce. That’s why they sometimes let themselves be petted, bringing big smiles to people’s faces.  

Book once, experience it all!

Book once, experience it all! Our Expo Milano package deal combines a carefree holiday in Saas-Fee with admission to Expo Milano 2015. Book now and enjoy glorious outdoor experiences, unlimited local travel, attractive deals, spectacular panoramic views, three incredible record-breaking attractions, and a natural energy boost packed full of fresh mountain air!

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How to get there

You can reach the Free Republic of Holidays by train, plane, or automobile. However, cars must be left on the outskirts as Saas-Fee is a car-free village. Simply contact your hotel from the telephone stations free of charge and someone will come to pick you up. Guests travelling by public transport can catch one of the PostAuto buses, which leave Visp for Saas-Fee every half hour.

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Free cableway travel

With the Expo Milano package deal, you can enjoy free travel on ALL cableways and PostAuto buses throughout the Saas Valley. So there's nothing to stop you experiencing all our beautiful day-trip destinations and three world record-holders: the world's highest revolving restaurant, the world's largest ice grotto, and the world's highest underground train! 

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The Free Republic of Holidays is a real family paradise and the ultimate adventure playground. From the world's largest ice grotto to the Adventure Forest, from feeding wild marmots to exploring themed trails, from barbecues and climbing to riding Ski-Doos and splashing around in mountain lakes - the Saas Valley is a veritable mecca for fun-seekers of all ages!

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Book now - the ultimate city life and nature adventure !

Further activities in the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee

"Glacier Fun" adventure land

In summer 2015 the doors will open on our new "Glacier Fun" adventure land on the Mittelallalin. "Glacier Fun" is a snowtubing and ski-doo park for kids and families. At 3,500m above sea level, surrounded by the highest peaks in Switzerland and a majestic panorama of glaciers, every visit guarantees an experience like no other...

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Rope Park

From summer 2015, even the tiniest of climbers can embark on a big adventure. The brand-new children’s course in the Adventure Forest is equipped with a comprehensive safety system that allows children as young as four to clamber from tree to tree. With ten new features and a fantastic zip line, the course is a wonderful way for young children to explore the forest.

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